Sphygmomanometer/Aneroid BP Monitor with Carry Case, Calibration Key and Basic Stethoscope

Basic Stethoscope

Features & details

  • Adjustable zero position, Euro type non stop pin gauge, high precision, cuff size 22 to 32 cm with free stethoscope
  • Quick, accurate and easy to use clinically validated and most often used by health professionals, still the most reliable and accurate
  • Includes 300mmhg no pin stop manometer, single head stethoscope, chrome plate brass air release valve, carrying case, calibration key to adjust needle move
  • Individually tested for accuracy each device undergoes rigorous testing and is approved for use by ISO and CE carry 1 year warranty against manufacturing defect

Product information


It contains one year standard warranty for main unit. For warranty extension programme contact to manufacturer.


Why is it useful to measure blood pressure at home? Measuring blood pressure by a doctor in the hospital tends to stimulate nervousness and may even create high blood pressure. Blood pressure also varies in accordance with variety of conditions and so judgment is not possible on the basis of single measurement. Regular home measuring lets you submit to your doctor a record of your measurement overtime. This information may provide a better reference of what your blood pressure really is, and can help your doctor make important decisions about your diagnosis and treatment.

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