The Truth About Skin Care in Summer in 3 Minutes

The Truth About Skin Care in Summer in 3 Minutes

The Truth About Skin Care in Summer in 3 Minutes: Skin is the largest organ of our body and protects our body from all kinds of external hazards and sunlight, but due to the warm summer the skin begins to lose its impact and the sun and the sun Due to excessive heat, only skin damage to the skin itself, in which some people avoided getting out of summer, which is apparently a good choice but still having some necessary work That decimal Would go out, we have to take some measures,

such as we talk about the tips that are recommended by some experts to come about this can save you from having damage to your skin  in summer.

The first problem that we have to endure due to the summer weather is that of the rationes, and why it is and what is the treatment it has come to know that some tips related to this

Due to rashage:

Due to sweating, our skin (which is Skin) becomes viscous, due to which due to the closure of our hair follicle which excretes the toxic substances from our body through our skin, The work is obstructed and due to this skin Skin has problems like acne, itching and boils.

Prevention – Because our sweat has a considerable amount of salt, due to which it is a problem of itching on our skin and it gets scratched by scabies, due to which the problems of skin are exposed.

Measures – First of all you need to keep in mind that you have to get rid of the problem of sweating, for this, you can use good quality powder and wash your hands and mouth with plain water when needed or from home. Take because the sun has the worst effect on your face. During the day you can clean the skin from the cleanser at least twice.

The other problem which is due to sunlight and summer is the Problem of Sunburn, we are also sharing some tips with you –

Reason – due to the high incidence of sunlight and summer, Sun’s spongy rays damaged our face and our face turns black and the open part of the hand too.

How to prevent – Sunscreen containing SPF 30 element comes to the face which becomes readily available in the market or on medical stores; When leaving the body, leave the body with good cloth and leave the neck and the rest of the open parts with the scaffold Cover

Treatment – Because of the bright sunlight, our open skin gets burnt; Wash the face with cold water as well as soaked in water as well as it can give you a lot of relief, so you can also use it. Put a wet towel on the affected area and cucumber juice can also be treated as a home remedy.

Skin Care in Summer

The third and biggest problem is dry skin and there are some important tips for this as follows:

Reason – due to scrubbing, the surface which is the top surface of our skin is damaged and because this problem is more with the people living in the AC, it is because the humidity inside and outside the house There is a difference

Prevention- The most important is that the moisture level for skin is normal and you can use toner and emulsion before applying the cream for it. By which a separate safety layer is prepared on the skin.

Remedy – Morning your skin before sleeping every night and night.

And after that, the biggest problem we face due to summer is that the color of skin is uneven, and there are some tips for it.

Reason – this happens when either our age is high and then the level of hemoglobin in the skin decreases and due to the lack of blood circulation, the skin becomes darker due to which we All kinds of problems have to be faced.

Prevention – From the sun’s rays, as we said above, protect you and cover your face and you can do your best to get out of the house and you can avoid it by using facial massage.

Remedy – To correct the blood circulation around the eyes, you can adopt an indigenous method in which towels towels in warm water and keep them on the face for a while, this will ensure the flow of blood on your face and you will be able to control the uneven pain Can also escape.

These are some ways and some tips through which you can reduce or stop the bad effects on the face from the summer. How do you feel about this post, you tell us through the comment below, and at the same time You can also like our Facebook page to get our update.

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