Here Is What You Should Do For Your Treating Blood Sugar?

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Treating Blood Sugar?

Home remedies for treating blood sugar – millions of people in the country and around the world are suffering from Diabetes Sugar disease today. Increasing stress, lack of physical labor, and deteriorating lifestyle make our Pancreas read weakly. When we do the negative thinking, angry, angry and eat too much allopathic medicine, due to them all the beta cells of the pancreas become degenerate. this is called diabetes.

Today, this genetic lot is happening too. Those children who take sharp medicines of fever, stomach worms or typhoid etc. in childhood only get this disease in childhood or those who eat fast medicines of allopathy during pregnancy, they should have diabetes sugar only from their womb.
It is very dangerous and along with the sugar, which are the comedies of the sugar are also more critical. Around 35 to 40% of kidneys are spread in the sugar, and about 80% of people have some or no disease of their eyes. People also have sexual disorders due to sugar, the body reads weakly. Therefore it is very important to treat sugar since time.

There are two different types of diabetes seen in the human body.

Type 1: When insulin is not formed in our body, it is called type 1 diabetes.
Type 2: In the body, the minimum amount of insulin is formed and which insulin forms, it is not able to function properly. This is called type 2 diabetes.

If you look like this, you will feel that what is the problem, if you eat sugar, then the amount of sugar in my glucose has increased but your eyesight may be bad, your kidney may be bad, you may get heart problem. That is why it is very important to avoid the compulsions of sugar and sugar.If you take yoga to control it after getting sugar, then it will benefit you in two ways in the form of the pancreas. With the help of yoga, the sugar will be fine for you and you will avoid the use of sugar, along with that Yoga will also save you from other modern diseases, there is a panacea for yoga sugar, you must take it back.

In order to reduce the sugar, Kapalabhati Pranayama, Mandukasan, and AnulomVilom Pranayam do all three. In this, kapalbhati pranayama should be done by the patient for 15 minutes during the morning in the morning. This will reactivate the beta cells of the pancreas, will be regenerated. And degenerate beta cells of the pancreas are regenerated from back to half an hour.This is a very big thing and to avoid the use of sugar, it will be a home remedy for Anam Vilom Pranayam. It is extremely important to avoid the treatment and use of sugar. So kapalabhati pranayama 15 to 20 minutes and Anulomvilom pranayama 10-15 minutes, if the patient does both pranayamas every day so long, it is also sufficient for the patient of sugar. These are natural and easy ways to remedy the process of sugar control are natural and yogic and And should be done Mandukashan by 4 to 5 times for the patient of the pulmonary sugar it is very necessary for their health. The practice of Malgasa and Yogamruprasana and the practice of other Yoga will also be very beneficial for the patients of diabetes.

For patients with diabetes, it is necessary for those who have sweet fruits that they can not eat, but papaya can eat a little, the apple can be eaten in small amounts, along with it, fruits like jamun and guava etc can also eat in sugar. Those who have citrus fruits can eat them in small quantities in diabetes, avoid excessive amounts. Apart from this, the sweet syrup should be avoided and everyone should consume the intake of sugar made from sugar.

Ayurvedic treatment of sugar should be done – by making cucumber, bitter gourd and tomato juice. Put one cucumber, one bitter gourd, one tomato in the mixer of juice and extract the juice. You can drink a cup or a glass every day in the evening. To make it more effective, you can add seven flowers of mangoes and 7 out of 7 leaves. You can also take a cucumber, bitter gourd and tomato juice without mixing them.

  • Fenugreek water is also useful for sugar, you can also add sprouted fenugreek seeds.
  • Consumption of berries in sugar and intake of jamun kernels also serves as a panacea for controlling diabetes.
  • Bitter gourd juice is beneficial in both types of diabetes, for this, by making juice of bitter gourd daily it will be treated with diabetes only in a few months. It controls the sugar, apart from that, you can consume the same amount of water in 99 grams of bitter gourd and take it three to four times in the day.
  • Type II diabetes is mostly due to the excess weight of the body, so start walking daily, work diligently.
  • Mix 250 grams of Aegle marmelos leaf (Belpatra), 250 grams of fenugreek, 100 grams of fenugreek leaves, 100 grams of Sharad Leaf, Jamn kernels, 150 grams of this mixture, and mix them with their powder. After this, take one-and-a-half teaspoons of food for two hours in both morning and evening hours. Diabetes is treated only in two to three months after its intake.

Acupressure Point for sugar Treatment
Acupressure Point for sugar Treatment








Acupressure also helps a lot to control the sugar; it also benefits from pressing the bottom palm of the lower finger of the lower finger in the palm of the left hand, that is, doing this will make the pancreas activate and This will save you from the disease of sugar, it is the simplest way to avoid the disease of sugar, you can do it anytime.

To control the sugar, it is very necessary that you take at least six hours of sleep because a healthy person needs six hours of sleep. Using home remedies for treating the rest of the sugar, you will get lots of benefits from using these prescriptions. you will be able to give plenty of water, exercises, yoga pranayama and further help this sugar in Ayurvedic treatment.


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